Charity Race Night Spain

The Ultimate Charity Race Night.

Pig Racing, Horse Racing & Dog Racing, all in one night

From Only €200* per night


Pig Racing Nights



The bar or club becomes the grandstand. The group gathers. A hush sweeps over the crowd … and they’re off. Mixed Race nights of Pig Racing, Horse Racing and dog Racing is the perfect fundraiser for Spanish charities.

So, what is a Mixed Race Night?

charity fund raising, horse racing today, day at the races, Pig Racing, Dog Racing, Costa Blanca Race nightA Mixed race night is something a bit different to just a horse racing night, in the fact you never know whats coming next, a Pig Racing, Dog Racing or Horse Racing, and it's still a fun–packed lottery which gives enough entertainment for a full evening of fun and excitement. All the action takes place on three screens, and if your venue has a projector or screens we can plug in to these as well.


We run Nine mixed actual races of Pigs, Dogs and Horses throughout the evening. Each race is randomly picked by someone in the bar, we then tell you which Race Selection has been picked as the next race.


The customers then decide from the list of name on the Race Card which Pig Race, Horse Race or Dog Race name they would like to place a bet on (you can bet on more than one runner).

charity fund raising, horse racing today, day at the races, Pig Racing, Dog Racing, Costa Blanca Race night


Before we run the race we go over the amount of bets placed per runner and the payout if it wins the race, this way the customer can place a bet on a runner that may not have anyone betting on it, it can happen!


We would normally allow 10 to 20 minutes between races as this avoids the rush for betting and collecting winnings, and helps boost bar sales. We run 4 races and then have a break of 20 minutes for people to get more drinks and have a cigarette. This could be a good time to sell food.


Everything is supplied from betting slips, Race Cards, Posters, Sound Equipment along with a compeer and tote master. The tote calculation program is similar to ones used at Race tracks, calculating the payouts as percentages of money taken for each runner.

All our race nights are fully computerised using digital quality WMV and played on a three screens with high quality digital sound.


On screen race indicator and winners result, so you can clearly see what race is being run and the final result.

We have a large selection of Mixed Races so we never repeat the same races at the same venue.

For more information about our Mixed Race Nights and how they work, please contact us or


Terms and Conditions apply for weekend racing nights, please contact us for more information.