Race Night Fundraising events

Horse Race Night, Pig rave night, Fundraising events, Charity nights in Bournemouth, Poole Charity night, charityWhatever your fundraising Race Nights objective, we can provide you with the Race Nights you are looking for!


Trying to raise Funds for your charity in Spain is an increasingly harder with so many different charitable organisations operating in the UK and a very limited pool of money available for those charities it is getting quite competitive out there.


Supporting you through your event


A Night At The Races is a fantastic event and a great fundraising race night. All of your members and gussets can pick a list of the from the runners in the evening’s programme, could be a name they like or even their favorite number, or just pot luck, which ever one they think will win the race. And if they are lucky, they can collect their winning prize money!!


How Much Will We Make?

This is a question that we are always asked and it's a hard one to answer.  There are a lot of variables, the biggest one is how much time are you prepared to invest to make the race night a success. You will make more money if you plan well in advance, we recommend picking a date a minimum of 8 weeks before the event date, and you could also get sponsors and owners for the races and dog's.


One of the biggest reasons most Race Nights fail is a lack of attendees. Therefore you need to concentrate of getting members and there friends commitment to attend your event. 

One way to do this is take some money from them when they agree to attend.  It only needs to be a £1 or two which could then be used as a bet on the first race, it’s a great way of getting people involved that other wise may not of placed a bet on the night.


Promote, promote, promote. Start advertising your race night early and regularly to ensure maximum attendance We can send you professional looking posters that you can print out directly. It's quick, it's easy and it's free!


Include Food on the night. Charge a small admission fee and include or launch or dinner before they all get down to a night at the dogs.


Race Night - Sundry Raffles and Tombola’s

In between races offers an ideal opportunity for other activities such as tombola and raffles.  These can contribute to the fun and profit of your race night!


Be selective with your Race Nights. There's no point running fundraising Race Nights every week or month. People either get sick of them or simply run out of money. Pick a couple of good dates, and then focus on building them up as big as possible


The most important thing with any Fundraising night is to get the maximum number of people to the event. The more guests the more you can make from everything!


For more information about our Race Nights and how they work and pricing, please contact us