How a Race Night Works

How a race night works race nights,a night in Costa Blanca,Murcia,mobile Discos, Bournemouth,winningsThe Master of Ceremonies will let the  know the cost of the unit stake for the betting (we would suggest £1 or £2 ). And what the % split is on winnings, as well as informing them winnings are rounded to the nearest 10 pence.

We make sure that everyone knows who is selling the tickets and how and were they collect there winnings.

Make sure that everyone has a programme. (if requested)

At the start of each race, we will read out the names of the dogs, and also let everyone know who the outsiders and favorites are! And what the winnings are on each dog should it come in first.

It is important that we keep the betting simply and efficient.  We will have a member of staff seated at a table to sell Tote tickets on each race. All Tote tickets are added into a computer program that calculates in real time the percentages to be taken of all the bets (normally 50/50) for your organisation's funds, and the remainder divided equally between those who bet on the winning dog.


As soon as the race is over, the winnings dividend is announced and the lucky winners collect their winnings. "Note: There is no 2nd or 3rd place payment"

When all of the betting on each race has been completed, the Tote will be closed and a member of the audience makes a selection from the available races.  The race operator will then load and run the race picked.

When winnings are announced it’s round it to the nearest 10 pence, as this makes it easier for paying out so you won't run out of change!

We would normally allow 10 to 20 minutes until the next race.  This avoids the rush for betting and collecting winnings, and helps boosts the bar sales.

At the end of the evening remember to thank those who have taken part and assisted in running the night.